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Fallen Soldier Statue


Product Description

Regrettably, the war on terrorism has been a costly war for our men and women in the armed forces. Between Iraq and Afghanistan we have lost over 4,000 Americans and many more wounded. While that number may seem small in the context of past wars, their loss and the loss to their family and community is important.

When a serviceman or woman is lost in the battlefield, it has become customary to arrange their Boots, Rifle and Helmet and the surviving members of their squad will gather around and memorialize their fallen comrades. Some of the troops will pray, others might recall personal stories, but make no mistake, this is a ceremony that is taken very seriously. Every soldier knows the next ceremony might be for them. This arrangement is also known as a Battlefield Cross or a Battle Cross.

The artist decided that the war memorial statue would recreate the same ceremonial arrangement the soldiers do themselves in the battlefield. He wanted a monument that would make you stop and think for a minute about the real cost of war. We feel this is a fitting and dignified tribute to our troops and a memorial that will keep their memory alive in a permanent way in our community.

To cast this sculpture the artist used actual military items as models, so the entire sculpture is life-size. It is so life-like you feel like you could pick it up. It is cast in high-quality American bronze using the ancient "lost-wax" method of bronze casting. The patina (coloration) is a traditional chocolate brown. This is a classic quality statue and built to last for hundreds of years. 

Measurements: The sculpture measures 44" tall (including the bronze base) and the base is 18" wide and 22" from front to back and 6 3/4" high. However, we can mount this on a larger or smaller base as necessary. The height is 38" tall from the bottom of the boots to the top of the helmet.  

Plaques: A memorial plaque can be attached to the base. The front of the base will fit a plaque up to 17" wide x 6.5" tall. The cost for a 17" x 6.5" plaque is $475. Please contact the Crossings Center if you would like to honor a fallen soldier close to you.

A lot of time and money goes into the creation of a bronze sculpture like this. However, the artist created this sculpture because he wanted to make a contribution to our fallen soldiers. He wants this piece to be displayed in every VFW, American Legion, park and public square in the country. 

A monument sculpture of this kind would normally cost $10,000 - $15,000. However, we are able to purchase and install this sculpture for only $5,000.

About the Artist

This sculpture was designed by Richard Rist. Mr. Rist is the owner of The Large Art Company and a proud veteran of the US Navy. He is a member of the American Legion and a life-member of the VFW. He comes from a long line of military veterans. His grandfather, father and three uncles were all veterans and his brother James Rist served with the US Army in operation Desert Storm. He takes great pride that this sculpture has been used to pay tribute to so many fallen heroes.

This sculpture will be mounted next to the 7' granite monument honoring area veterans. It will be heartfelt tribute to those who "gave all".

God Bless Our Troops!





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